For as long as milk can remember, Oreo has been its favorite cookie. While it isn’t exactly clear when the pair officially became the delicious duo, milk believes it happened sometime during what it likes to call the “lunchbox days.” There are just some things you can’t experience with someone else without winding up as friends afterwards, and being crammed into brown paper bags together for years on end is one of them.

Unfortunately, even the strongest of friendships aren’t perfect, and recently milk has begun to notice that out of the both of them, it’s the Oreos that would win a popularity contest if there was one. This was something milk was able to live with, until one day it realized that no parents will ever say to their children: “you need to finish all your Oreos before you can have some milk.” So even though the duo will always be delicious, Oreos are just so good that even the milk is jealous.

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